SpearFish 310 Yacht Tender


SpearFish 310 – the Yacht Tender designed for Electric Outboard Motors

The SpearFish 310 came about mainly because experienced yacht owners liked what they saw in the larger SpearFish, but weren’t able to accommodate a 4 or 5m boat as a tender. If you think of the 310 (at 3.1m long) as having about the same capacity as a typical 2.5 to 2.7m dinghy, but in a more efficient shape, that’s about right. Its more shapely hull is much easier to row, and much drier being driven under motor into a chop, than the “square nose” type.

When developing the 310 we were particularly keen to make an inflatable that would work really well with the electric outboard motors that have become so popular in the last few years. Most inflatable dinghies are designed to plane with a petrol outboard of 5hp or more, but are very wet at displacement speeds… and if you have an electric outboard, or stick to the speed limit in most harbours, you can’t plane. The SpearFish 310 can plane, but is aimed at being pleasant to use at displacement speeds. Thus it’s very efficient (giving more range) when combined with an electric outboard such as the Torqeedo 1103 or Epropulsion Spirit PLUS.

The high bow and bow canopy mean you’re more likely to arrive at the pub with dry trousers too!

Customer Comment“We’ve just got a SpearFish 310 to replace the old Zodiac. What a difference! High bow and dry, cuddy built in, inflatable floor, rows properly…”

The price for a SpearFish 310 is £1350, including the boat itself, bow canopy, an unusually good pair of oars, two seats, lifting eyes, storage bags, etc. We also have a very good deal that adds a cushion set and an ePropulsion Spirit PLUS XS shaft, at £2995 all-in.