## NEW 2023! SpearFish 520WB ##


NEW 2023! The SpearFish 520WB is the latest design in our range of highly portable, easily-driven efficient inflables, and a very capable seaboat.

The 520WB is essentially a scaled-up version of our popular 450WB: a couple of feet longer, a few inches wider, and with larger tubes. The only bit we didn’t scale is the canopy, which would otherwise be too high to see over! These changes give it increased carrying capacity (up to four adults) and the potential to take larger outboard motors if you wish (and are OK with the extra weight).

As with the 450 model, the long and streamlined hull of the SpearFish 520WB will still plane two-up on 6hp, but is obviously faster with 10hp – and should then also be able to plane with three adults or more. The benefits are not just speed; a 10hp motor producing say 6-8hp will be much more relaxed and refined than a single cylinder 6hp motor running nearly flat out.

One of our first customers for this model said “It {my SpearFish 520} runs BEAUTIFULLY, handles chop with reassuring excellence, and it was choppy at moments today. Wind up to 20kts and waves reaching about 1m or height of the windshield of the boat, confused sea where the waves were bouncing off the cliffs. I started in sheltered area and progressed carefully to more and more exposed sea, avoiding white overfalls… more stable taking waves from abeam then I thought it would be.”

Like all our SpearFish boats the 520 represents fantastic value. We have a great show deal with a Tohatsu 9.8 petrol outboard at just under £4000 all-in.