Swallow Yachts Whisper 300


The Whisper 300 is a beautiful yacht for people who want something different. Quieter, more efficient and created more sustainably, Whisper Yachts exude understated grace and class, while treading more lightly on our environment.  Designed for a more sustainable future she is built almost entirely from nature’s finest carbon fibre: Wood. Wood helps dampen noise while creating a lighter, stronger boat that needs less power to plane. Good news for the environment and your pocket.


In fact, the Whisper 300 needs just two 70HP engines to achieve speeds of 26 knots while burning far less fuel than comparable craft.  Twin outboard engines are cleverly concealed under a soundproofed cover, meaning that engine noise is minimised and cruising under motor is a pleasure.


Featuring a large, sociable cockpit with hardtop shelter, the Whisper 300 has been designed for the important job of long lazy days on the water with friends and family. There is ample weekending room in the cabin below, which features a double berth and private heads, and two more can sleep under the hardtop with the saloon table dropped. Her galley is compact but has everything you need including dedicated drinks storage and fridge.


Her hull is strong but light. At the waterline she is longer and slightly narrower than normal, making her easily powered (ideal in fact, for conversion to electric when batteries and charging infrastructure improve). This means smaller, lighter engines and less fuel burn.


In addition to this, building in responsibly sourced wood makes a significant saving in CO2 emitted compared to a GRP equivalent. Her environmental credentials go right down to things like timber choices (cork decks instead of teak), Solar panels to avoid the need for shore power, and even an optional rainwater recycling system to keep the fresh water flushing toilet independent of shore filling.