The Osprey 15 is the latest addition to our range is now in full production. This new model is based on our Club 15 model which has been in production for some 30 years and has been very popular across the country and recognised by fisherman as a great boat to fish from.

The main aim with this model was to produce a boat that fished well and was ideally suited for the hire market and club use.

Not only does this boat make a great platform to fish from its virtually maintenance free with no wood used under the floor or in the construction of the boat, even the outboard pads are made from a thermal plastic. The new interior layout offers enhanced amounts of buoyancy in the boat with seven different tanks now built into the hull.

At 15 feet in lenght or 4.6m length the boat is rated to carry up to 4 adults and will fish two people comfortably. The clean and clutter free interior means that there is nothing to catch lines in when casting. All floor surfaces are coated in our own tough deck, long life non slip coating which will provide an excellent non slip quality even in the most challenging conditions.

The interior can be power washed or treated with cleaning products and scrubbed as required and there is no wood to varnish or oil going forward.

The boat comes with the option of galvanised rowlocks or thole pins as standard as well as a heavy duty stainless steel keel band which runs the length of the keep offering protection from underwater obstructions and grounding. This model comes as standard with a quality hand bilge pump which lifts the water a well located in the keel at the stern of the boat.

The standard boat comes in dark racing green. However we can offer it in a range of other colours at no additional cost. As part of the purchase we will also apply a boat number, name or website address to both sides if the bow.

The Osprey Dinghy has been designed and developed solely with fishing in mind with little maintenance required by the operator.

Standard features:

Wood free hand built hull and deck with reinforced keel, stem and stern, composite floor
First quality Lloyd’s approved resin, gelcoats and mat used in constructions
Snag free easy clean interior with tough deck non slip coating
Stainless steel keel band and mooring eyes, manual bilge pump

Length 4.57m /15ft

Weight 155kg

Maximum allowed power 6HP long shaft
Recommended power 3-5hp – 6hp
Passengers 4 or 360kg
RCD category D

Exhibitor Name
Highlander Boats Ltd
Boat Price
Boat Length

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