After almost 40 years of continuous production (approaching 50,000 boats!) it is the outstanding build quality, and innovative design features that have made the Topper one of the most popular boats in Britain. It has won many awards for design and construction, including the world renowned Design Council Award.

Available in three rigs, Topper provides a scalable and progressive sailing route for all ages.


Topper 4.2
The 4.2 is our entry-level option for younger sailors, designed to help you get to grips before progressing to the the 5.3 fleet. The 4.2 provides a fantastic opportunity to make friends and dip your toe into the world of competitive sailing.


Topper 5.3
Friendly and competitive, the 5.3 is our long established racing class, with national and world events every year. Fully recognised by the RYA as an Olympic Pathway, there are always plenty of training opportunities across the UK all year.


Topper 6.4

The 6.4 is an ideal choice for more experienced sailors looking for a challenge. A great way to gain confidence sailing a larger rig before progressing into adult racing classes, it also allows you to sail with friends long after you’ve outgrown the 5.3.