Tracker V19


The TRACKER® TARGA™ V-19 WT Deep V boat is specifically designed to safely navigate inshore coastal waters; perfectly equipped for everything from trolling for bass to wakeboarding with family and friends. Its wraparound walk-thru tempered glass windscreen acts as a shield against the elements, while a generous 214 litre fuel tank ensures long, uninterrupted journeys to your preferred fishing locations.

This TARGA 19 model also boasts extra-wide gunnels featuring internal storage and a resilient all-welded aluminium hull. The hull construction of the Deep V boats feature reverse chines (turned-down edges where the hull sides meet the bottom) that direct spray down and provide a drier, more responsive ride.

Delivering on the promise of reliability and quality assurance, the TARGA V-19 WT comes with the TRACKER PROMISE, considered the most comprehensive factory warranty in the aluminium boat industry. It’s a commitment to quality that RBS Marine are proud to bring to our UK customers.