Yamarin Cross 62 BR


The Cross 62 BR is made to enjoy the perfect summer days with the whole family. This seven-person boat is extremely practical so excursions to, for example, natural harbors, are easy and stress-free to make. The boat’s easy access bow and clear steps make it safe when entering the boat. Sturdy and high bow rails add to the safety features of the boat and are practical while mooring. These features ensure that you have time to enjoy your boating!

The Cross 62 BR has versatile features that make even longer trips possible. The boat’s excellent layout also creates a new kind of luxury and ease to boating. The open space has a large U shaped cushioned sofa that makes traveling comfortable for all passengers. The boat also has plenty of storage, so all the things you pack along are easy to tuck away. Underneath this versatile daytrip boat, you will also find a glimpse of sportiness with the Yamaha F150 engine, allowing the boat’s speed to reach up to 42 knots. The Cross 62 BR has a sturdy aluminum hull and a comfortable fiberglass deck which makes the boat both durable and stylish. With this boat, you can also go out into more open waters, as the boat is steady, robust and offers excellent driving characteristics.

We want that you feel as safe and comfortable as possible while boating. Therefore, the Cross Q Infotainment system is standard on the Cross 62 BR. The system includes, for example, nautical charts and electronic navigation on a single 10-inch screen. With these features, you will always find your destination. The Cross Q system can also be connected to a separate mobile application. The application always comes along with you, so all the information is constantly available. The application also includes fuel consumption and an automatic logbook that records driving routes and distances.