With highly varnished wooden decks, shiny sleek hulls, coloured sails on gaff rigs and traditional brass fittings, classic boats are always a much-loved feature at a boat show. Returning to this year’s Southampton International Boat Show, is the dedicated Classic and Day Boat Zone.

With its myriad of beautiful craft, with plenty to see, do, learn and try, the Classic and Day Boat Zone is the place to immerse yourself in a wide range of craft, from modern boats inspired by traditional designs and craftsmanship to beautifully restored classics.

Your time out… On the water. 

There are times, when you just want a change of scenery and a place to make memories with your family and friends – or time for yourself without technology getting in the way. Visit our Classic & Day Boat Zone to find everything you need from day boats, wooden and classic boats, equipment, materials and training to make the most of your time on the water.

Professional or to hire – find equipment that’s right for you

This zone celebrates the boats and craftsmanship that stand the test of time. Renowned brands showcase their latest products and you might grab a special boat show bargain. Classic boat enthusiasts and seasoned boaters will be able to find all the equipment they need to keep their treasures gliding across the water. For boating novices or those who want to pick up a new skill, we’ve got training courses and ready-to-go equipment, our exhibitors will happily explain its use and safety features.

British brands combining the charm and appearance of a traditional yacht with the latest technology 

For classic looks, high-performance sailing and impressive motoring ability, look no further than  Swallow Yachts’  BayCruiser 23 and BayRaider Expedition. By using a water ballast system and carbon masts, these boats are light, yet stable on the water and easily trailer sailed.

Activities & Programme

If you marvel at traditional woodworking skills this zone is for you. See hands-on product demonstrations, listen to talks on traditional and modern boat building techniques, and captivating accounts on how boating supports mental and physical wellbeing. The classic and dayboat zone is a space for boaters to discuss the world’s most beautiful boats and share their appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship.

Our commitment to the environment

At Southampton International Boat Show, we believe in protecting nature for future generations. That is why we’ve made a dedicated sustainability commitment in each zone. For the eco-aware classic enthusiast, Cornish Crabber’s Shrimper 21 and Pilot Cutter 30 are must-sees. Classic designs featuring modern technology including an all-electric pod drive motor from ePropulsion or discover the Spirit 44, the latest launch from 2019 Environmental Award winner Spirit Yachts, a world leader in modern classic yacht design and build and pioneer of sustainable construction methods.

Check out the Classic and Day Boat Zone from 2021!