Newbie, Cruiser or Racer… One Community – Our Dinghy Zone

There’s a much wider world to boating than you might think – and a friendly community to enjoy it with, or to compete against on occasion. The Dinghy Zone is the only place to see sports and sailing dinghies, trailer boats, cruisers, boat builders, high performance equipment, sailing clubs, holiday providers and training options in one place this year.

A boat for every budget
It is affordable and easy to organise, whether you have your own dinghy or rent when it suits you. Our exhibitors will happily explain and show you the different types of dinghies, as well as the equipment that matches your needs and budget – which can be surprisingly low for novice cruisers. Kick-start your next outing afloat.

Time to mingle
Grab a drink, kick back and catch up with fellow sailors. On stage, you’ll hear legendary tales from adventure cruisers or get racing tips from some of dinghy sailing’s biggest names. If you’re ready to give the real thing a try, head to our On The Water Zone. Instructors are on hand, along with boats for novices and experienced sailors.

Thinking about the environment
We’re passionate about being on the water. That’s why, here at Southampton International Boat Show, we’ve made a dedicated sustainability commitment for each zone. Watch this space for more information.

Training opportunities with the RYA
Steering a dinghy is surprisingly quick and easy to learn. We’ve teamed up with the RYA – the Royal Yachting Association. As the national body for dinghy, yacht and motor cruising, all forms of sail racing, RIBs and sports boats, windsurfing and personal watercraft, the RYA is your go to for training on all levels. So, whether your end goal is to spend more quality down time on the water, to travel, to compete, to work, or to advance your career; there’s a course for you. Just pop by the RYA stand and have a chat with the experts.

Racing with the Pros
A highlight of the Dinghy Zone is our area dedicated to foiling dinghies, where everything is geared towards high-performance sailing and racing. Athletes who enjoy getting out on a fast boat that is not a powerboat, will be in their element. You’ll even have the opportunity to get up close to the new international MOTH: a super exciting Dinghy designed to hydroplane on foils, skimming across the water at never achieved speeds.

Tickets, Accessibility & Safety
Tickets will be available shortly. If you’d like us to inform you when the tickets go on-sale, click below to register your interest.