British Marine’s Boat Show Environmental Pledge

British Marine and the Southampton International Boat Show are committed to leading environmental sustainability in the marine sector through supporting best practice and inspiring change.

As part of The Southampton International Boat Shows environmental pledge, we are increasing the obligations on exhibitors to meet new sustainable operations at this year’s show.

Southampton International Boat Show 2022 is the fourth year of our 5-year plan and so all exhibitors are being asked to meet the following new requirements:

New MANDATORY exhibitor requirements for 2022’s Show

      1. Promote good environmental practice & sustainability
      2. Ensure as much of your stand set up equipment is reusable

These are in addition to the existing requirements from 2021

      1. No single use plastic water bottles on exhibitor stands, outlets and/or hosted events.
      2. No plastic straws on any stand, food outlet or hosted event at the show.
      3. Exhibitors to nominate a sustainability champion on their stand to oversee waste management and recycling at the show.
      4. Exhibitors to only offer sustainable and recyclable promotional giveaways.
      5. Exhibitors to use compostable, recyclable, or reusable plates, cups, or cutlery on their stand.
      6. All guest passes and tickets to your stand events or related activities, use E-tickets or QR codes wherever possible – if not, use recycled paper.
      7. Reduce use of single use plastic for all show related preparation and operations.
      8. Reduce paper use and printed materials at the show

To assist members, we have created the Sustainable Exhibitor Guide

Exhibitor Charter

The Southampton International Boat Show is asking its exhibitors to voluntarily sign up to a number of additional environmental sustainability provisions in addition to our mandatory environmental exhibitor obligations.

If you sign up to this charter in the show, you will receive a plaque, indicating to visitors that you have committed to these additional requirements and to the sustainable future of the marine sector.

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