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Ultrasonic Antifouling

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Taking Ultrasonic Antifouling to a whole new level with the latest PowerPlus and Series II ultrasonic antifouling systems.  In recent years, ultrasonic antifouling has emerged as one of the most effective ways to maintain hull performance, save fuel and increase the time your yacht spends in the water. The pioneers of this technology and the company that first introduced it to the boating market in 2007 are Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd.

Through comprehensive and continual research and product development Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd has maintained its position as a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic antifouling systems, continually improving and delivering some of the most advanced and effective antifouling solutions on the market.

The UltraSystem works by emitting a unique range of specific and scientifically researched, low powered, pulsed ultrasonic frequencies via transducers that are installed on the inside of the hull. As a result, growth is prevented as the cell structures of the algae and other micro-organisms are targeted and cannot survive.

The latest UltraSystem PowerPlus is the result of over 3 years of testing and development delivering more than twice the ultrasound output compared to Series II, incorporates an unique advanced digital control program and ability to run 3 or 4 transducers simultaneously, making it the most powerful and effective system available on the market. 

The UltraSystem

• Maintains hull performance, reducing passage times and improving manoeuvrability

• Is easy to install and offers a high level of protection, leaving you to spend more time on the water

• Reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%

• Significantly lowers the carbon footprint of running a boat

• Is developed and manufactured in Europe with high quality components with three an five year warranties

• Maintenance free

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