Extended cruising or racing away from port presents a number of issues one of which is carrying sufficient water to sustain your crew. The answer is to install a water maker to replenish your water storage. Even if you can reach port, in some areas of the world it can be cheaper and safer to have your water source on board. Aquafresh Watermakers have been in production and at the forefront of water maker design for over three decades. They have gained an unrivalled reputation amongst bluewater sailors for both reliability and efficiency. Aquafresh had been the dependable choice of many taking part in events such as the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers). At the heart of all our models is the best in desalination technology and hardware including superior membranes from leading manufactures. For durability Aquafresh chose pumps from CAT (high pressure) and Stuart Turner (low pressure).

Our watermakers offer the best installation option with all the vulnerable membranes and control components mounted on a durable case leaving you free to install the primary filtering and pumps to the best space in your boat.

All Aquafresh Watermakers feature AutoFlush as standard ensuring the vital membranes are routinely maintained to give you a good flow and quality freshwater every cycle.