Arksen is a global adventure company that aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of explorers and conservationists. They design and build exceptionally capable vessels and off-road vehicles to explore the most spectacular and remote destinations on land or sea. They’re vision and technical ability mean their customers enjoy the thrill of extreme adventure in utmost safety and comfort.

Welcome to the all-new Adventure Series designed to meet the high expectations of accomplished explorers and first-time fanatics. Arksen’s new range combines the tough and rugged seakeeping ability with an elegant interior and finishes expected on much larger yachts. Arksen want to connect people to the ocean, and what better way than on-board an Arksen Adventure Series vessel, built on a platform specifically designed for a multitude of conditions.

So, whether you obsess or dabble in your chosen sport, the Adventure Series is the perfect choice. Arksen vessels are built for exploring, be it a secluded anchorage away from the crowds or leaving the dock before sunrise to catch the first perfect wave, Arksen get you there in comfort no matter the weather.

See the Arksen 30 on M454. We look forward to welcoming you.