Boat Building Academy


An old RAF lookout post, located in Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis, is the home for a team of tutors and staff with the common passion for teaching the craft of building and making. The Academy has become a leading boat building school in the UK and the world, offering a range of course for those interested in learning the art of boat building and woodworking.

Their world leading courses are focused on professional training but also provide life-changing opportunities for complete beginners, enthusiasts and those on a gap year. Spend days or weeks learning by the sea, in the heart of tthe Dorset coast.

Back in 2021, the Academy was granted charity status, implementing the BBA Bursary Scheme, to be able to help the next generation of men and women builders, who would otherwise be unable to fund their training at the Academy. Making the training accessible to as many people as possible; aiming to reduce or remove financial barriers, allowing students to begin a career in boat building or woodworking.

From 2 days to 40 weeks, there is a course for everyone:

  • 40-week Boat Building
  • 12-week Furniture Making
  • 6-week Build a Boat Workshop
  • 2-week Build a Paddleboard Workshop
  • 2-to-5-day courses in various aspects of boat building and woodworking:
    • Introduction to Boat Building
    • Build a Boat Initial Set-up
    • Traditional Wooden Boat Building
    • Modern Wooden Boat Building
    • Wooden Boat Restoration
    • GRP Repairs
    • Renovation & Finishing
    • Ropework
    • Sailmaking
    • Introduction to Woodworking
    • Woodworking Skills 1 & 2
    • Green Wood Chair Making
    • Marquetry
    • Antique Furniture Restoration
    • Benchmaking
    • Routing
    • Spooncarving
    • Dovetail Joints
    • and more!