English Braids


English Braids is a family run business and leading UK manufacturer of leisure marine ropes and cords based in Malvern, Worcestershire for over 50 years. We stock an extensive range of yachting rope for racing, cruising and dinghy as well as mooring lines.  We also offer made to order premium superyacht mooring lines, stretcher loops, heaving lines with leather sand-bags and fender tails.

Continued development has ensured that our products are able to withstand the most demanding conditions, allowing the sailor to push the boat to the limits of the design and their ability.  Providing the end user the comfort that English Braids is a brand they can trust.

As part of our drive for greater sustainability we also manufacture a range of eco-friendly rope made from recycle yarn (rPet) which is made from plastic bottles or a Bio-Dyneema which is an environmentally friendly HMPE.