Highlander Boats


Quality Build

All Highlander Boats are hand built in Britain using only the best quality materials including Lloyds approved resin. All of the boats are developed and produced in house by our won team of skilled boat builders, supervised directly by Sandy Simpson who has more than 30 years of experience in boat building and specialist repair work.

Highlander Boats will not compromise on quality or the safety of our boats by building to a price point or cutting back on materials.

Customer Service

Customers deal directly with either Sandy or Ian Simpson from signing the order form to taking delivery of their new boat. They always take the time to carry out a proper handover of new boats explaining how everything works.

Customers buying any of our “Just Add Water” packages receive a complimentary safety pack.

Value for Money

At Highlander Boats we strive to strike a balance between offering a high quality at a competitive price.  We offer a wide range of packages for most budgets and can tailor the packages to fit the customers’ requirements.

We work closely with our long-term partners to obtain the best possible deals on outboards and trailers, which allows us to pass on discounts to our customers.

Our pricing is transparent as over the years’ experience has shown that customers need to know exactly what they are getting for their money.

We only use quality branded products in the production of our boats and boat packages.

Our Power Partners and Suppliers

We have been involved with some of suppliers for decades no more so than Tohatsu Marine our long-term supplier of outboard motors. Tohatsu are one of the few manufacturers who continue to design and produce their high-quality outboards in a state-of-the-art facility in Japan with all engines coming with a seven-year warranty. More recently we have added HONDA to our range, as well as electric options from leading manufactures E Propulsion.

Environmental Considerations

It is widely acknowledged that we all have a part to play in reducing the impact we have on the environment. As a company, we are making progress in reducing wastage, improving recycling rates, reducing landfill waste disposal, reducing energy usage by updating lighting and heating to energy efficient alternatives.

In addition, we actively design our boats to be suitable for both electric and traditional petrol engines. The boats can, across the range, be teamed up with smaller petrol engines which will quite happily push the boat along efficiently without the need for a gas guzzling bigger engine. In some cases, these can be teamed up with an electric engine which can be used as an auxiliary or means of propulsion when you have reached your chosen location for fishing or pottering.

Some things which are easy to implement from boat users include:

  • Keep the bottom of the boat clean
  • Do not use toxic anti-fouling paint if the boat is not being kept afloat for extended periods, think about simply hosing down and scrubbing with a deck brush
  • Consider alternatives for petrol outboards that reduce emissions and may work for you
  • Drive the boat in an environmentally smart way, back the throttle off and don’t drive at full throttle
  • Avoid sitting idling for any period of time
  • Avoid using old two-stroke engines which only combust 70-80% of the fuel and release the rest into nature
  • Consider electric motors for shorter trips and use them for fishing or picnicking