At Honda, we have always been passionate about new technology. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are able to give you more. More performance, more fuel efficiency, more control.

In 1964, Honda were the first manufacturer to make all their marine engines 4-stroke, because they were quieter and cleaner than the existing 2-stroke technology. We have continued to develop and innovate our world renowned range over the last 58 years, we have created engines that deliver outstanding performance. From our single cylinder 2.3hp, to the awesome V6, 250hp engine, they are world-renowned for reliability and efficiency.

Our V6 range has been developed with a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies that are engineered to deliver outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. These large displacement engines offer high-torque acceleration with impressive top-end speed and legendary Honda reliability. They feature a suite of exclusive technologically advanced Honda innovations – including BLAST™, PGM-FI, VTEC™* and a high-performance gearbox, that ensures smooth power delivery with minimal water drag. Even at high rpm, these outboards omit extremely low vibration levels, to ensure every trip is as comfortable as it is exhilarating. And with our innovative ECOmo technology featured across the range, you can enjoy improved fuel consumption in cruising mode, keeping you out on the water for longer.