Hydrovane International Marine


Imagine sailing – powered by the wind, and steered by the wind.
Just you, your boat, the wind and the ocean.
Hydrovane has been steering dreams for over 50 years.
We would be delighted to be a part of yours.



Hydrovane is both:

  • A Self Steering Windvane System

    A completely independent mechanical system (ie. non-electrical) that steers the boat on a wind-based course. Easiest to operate, with no lines in the cockpit, and excellent on all points of sail and in all conditions.

    It is an Auxiliary Rudder type of windvane system – the Vane drives its own Rudder via a sophisticated Drive Unit linkage.


  • An Emergency Rudder/ Steering System

    Inherently a second Rudder and Steering System for your boat.

    It is the strongest Emergency Rudder and Steering System available today. Always in place, nothing to set-up – takes the fear out of losing your rudder or breaking your vessel’s steering mid passage or close to shore.