Ranieri came to life in Soverato, Calabria, in the late 1960s by the Ranieri family who shared a passion for engines. Still a family-ran business today, Ranieri’s mission is to enhance the life experience of our customers through their boats.

As undisputed leaders in automotive flair, Italian manufacturers are renowned for their luxurious products in the automotive world, and Ranieri are proof of that!

Ranieri boats show nothing less than uncompromising build quality, contemporary Italian styling, and state of the art hydrodynamics. Paired with cutting edge, eco-friendly, low emissions motors, they really are an all-rounder for the perfect boating experience for both the experienced and novice boater alike.

Every Ranieri boat has been meticulously thought out to be able to accommodate any eventuality on the water, from water skiing and fishing, to simply relaxing and taking in the sun with family and friends, fitting suitably with the manufacturers ultimate goal; to creating lasting memories for their customers.