Southerly Yachts


Saving Southerly 

In a stunning turn of events, the storied UK-based yacht building company, Southerly Yachts, finds itself on the brink of revival after being saved by the international marine contractors and boatbuilding experts, Concept Yachts. With a rich history and legacy in the Southampton region, Southerly Yachts faced an uncertain future due to various challenges in the maritime industry. However, the timely intervention of Concept Yachts has injected a much-needed lifeline into the company, rekindling hopes for a bright future.  

Established in the early 1970s, Southerly Yachts quickly gained recognition for its innovative and high-quality sail yachts. Known for their lifting keel technology, the company’s vessels became synonymous with exceptional sailing performance and versatility. Over the years, Southerly Yachts earned a devoted customer base, with yacht enthusiasts from around the world eagerly seeking their designs.  

However, as the maritime landscape evolved, the company faced mounting challenges, including financial difficulties, increased competition, and shifting market demands. Despite its longstanding reputation, Southerly Yachts found itself struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing industry trends.  

In a twist of fate, Concept Yachts, an internationally renowned marine contractor and boatbuilding company, recognized the immense potential in the struggling Southerly Yachts. Concept Yachts has built a reputation for excellence in constructing bespoke luxury yachts, naval vessels, and commercial boats. Their expertise, coupled with a global presence, positioned them as the perfect saviour for the iconic UK yacht builder. 

The acquisition of Southerly Yachts by Concept Yachts has been celebrated as a strategic masterstroke. This collaboration brings together the rich heritage of Southerly Yachts with the modern expertise of Concept Yachts, promising to usher in an era of innovation and growth for the Southampton-based firm. As Concept Yachts takes the helm, they are committed to retaining the soul of Southerly Yachts and preserving the brand’s legacy while infusing it with new energy and contemporary design elements. By blending the traditional craftsmanship and design finesse of Southerly Yachts with Concept Yachts’ state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge materials, the revived entity aims to set new benchmarks in yacht building.  

The partnership has already borne fruit, with the first joint project, a revolutionary sailboat design, receiving widespread acclaim from industry experts and enthusiasts alike. This striking vessel combines the trademark lifting keel technology of Southerly Yachts with Concept Yachts’ penchant for sleek aesthetics and advanced engineering, creating a yacht that promises exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility.  

Moreover, the newfound collaboration has breathed fresh life into Southampton’s maritime industry, injecting optimism and stimulating economic growth in the region. As Southerly Yachts continues to reassert its position as a market leader under the guidance of Concept Yachts, it is expected to open up new employment opportunities and attract more yacht enthusiasts to the area. 

In conclusion, the acquisition of Southerly Yachts by Concept Yachts marks a pivotal moment in the history of UK yacht building. The marriage of tradition and modernity holds great promise for the future of the Southampton-based company, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come. As the revamped Southerly Yachts sets sail towards new horizons, it does so with the unwavering support of a global partner that shares its passion for excellence in yacht building.