Uvoji water purification


Enjoying purified water on board, everywhere, all the time, is possible thanks to the Oji Nautic solution, developed by Uvoji. Thanks to its adaptation to the marine environment, it responds to many daily problems.
A water purification device with guaranteed efficiency
The vast majority of boat owners avoid consuming water from their vessel’s tank. To remedy this, Uvoji, a company specialized in the field of disinfection and water treatment, launches the 1st 100% French system of water purification by LED UV-C.

With Oji Nautic, yachtsmen have a new solution to have always healthy, disinfected and purified water on board their boat. They do not need to worry about the quality of the water in the tanks. Oji Nautic uses the germicidal action of ultraviolet light to offer its users water free of bacteria and viruses.

Easy to install on all boats, it is fitted directly on to the valve or at the pump outlet. In addition to four indicator lights on the unit, a remote operating indicator is also supplied with the device.

GDS is the UK distributor for Lumitec and a range of other leisure marine brands. To find out more about Uvoji and for more information on retailers, visit gds.limited/uvoji or go to www.uvoji.com