ZAR produce RIBs from 3.05 m to 13m and the design is based around a heavily developed and tested patented hull design which produces an exceptionally soft and surefooted ride. The forward entry of the hull is exceptionally fine to slice through waves while the unique tunnels that run along the chine channel air to the aft sections of the hull to create lift and provide a cushioned ride.

The dramatic shape of the forward sections of the hull mean that the ZAR RIBS have the waterline length of a RIB 1 metre longer making them very capable craft. The flared bow sections direct spray away from the cockpit of the boat providing a dry ride for occupants.

This flare in the bow also helps to increase internal volume, which in turn creates a very spacious and usable cockpit area.

The fully moulded cockpit has an abundance of built in seating which can convert into sunbathing space or with the optional camping kit, turn the RIB into an overnighter.

The deep hull shape provides some cavernous locker space large enough to stow an inflatable toy or even a deflated tender.

The most eyecatching part of the design – the extremely deep-vee bow section – delivers unrivalled on water performance; cutting easily through waves whilst the fuller bow sections above it disperse spray, ensuring a dry and comfortable ride for discerning passengers.

It is no coincidence that this combination of improved accommodation, seakeeping and comfort has resulted in ZAR being recognised as one of the most iconic family leisure RIBs in the world.