Generating the Right Power Solution for your Boat

There are a range of AC and DC generator solutions available, depending on the size of vessel, the power needs, the number of people on board and the cruising plans.

In addition to considering cost, reliability, durability, weight, and noise and vibration levels of the genset, it is vital that boat owners correctly calculate the size of the generator they require to minimise over and under loading. It is, therefore, important to estimate your wattage load by looking at the amount of power necessary to start and run your electrical appliances.

Here are a few key points to remember when selecting a marine generator:

• Compact size and light weight
If retrofitting, it is vital to consider where the generator will fit as space is always at a premium onboard. Both space and weight savings are very important factors for boat owners so keep this in mind when looking for your next generator.

• Efficiency
Variable speed capacity is an important next generation technology which enables much greater efficiency. Adjusting the speed of the diesel engine according to changing power requirements will improve fuel efficiency, but also benefits the environment. This is because a variable speed generator would always be working correctly loaded thereby operating at its most efficient with reduced wear and emissions in comparison with a traditional generator with fixed speed RPM. This market-leading technology also helps counter the long-term effect of having a generator working most of its service life underloaded as the engine is working more smartly in accordance to the power demand.

• Correct size
Boat owners should consider the electrical appliances onboard and whether the power supply is needed just for running household domestic equipment, electric cooking and keeping batteries charged, or for larger applications such as running an air-conditioning system. By performing a load analysis to determine the right size generator required, you can ensure the generator matches your needs.

• Complete package
When selecting a manufacturer, it is a good idea to select a supplier that can offer full-system design capability, servicing and aftercare. A generator is a piece of machinery that needs looking after and if neglected causes extra costs and preventable pain.

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