GN Espace to reveal three key new energy saving cooker models at Southampton Boat Show

Specialist galley manufacturers GN Espace will reveal three new cooking solutions at September’s Southampton Boat Show. Showing to the public for the first time anywhere, each model is designed for the highest energy efficiency available to onboard electric cooking. Orders are now being taken for winter 2022/spring 2023 delivery.

The innovative GR1 Electric Deck Grill is a weatherproof electric griddle for use on deck.  The high performance 1800W grill is quick to heat and thermostatically controlled with three temperature settings: 200˚C, 225˚C and 250˚C.  A blue IP67 plug is supplied ready for connecting to the cockpit’s 230V socket. The GR1 looks good too, made from AISI 316 steel using the best quality components.  The grill area is made from hi tech SwissPly® material and is ten times more conductive than a conventional solid steel griddle and has a very even heat spread. At only 12kg it is lightweight, very portable and can be fixed to a variety of positions on board.

We still love traditional easy-use knobs on a cooker so GN Espace’s brand new 2 Zone Built-in Induction Hob (Model HE103) combines rotary controls with the cutting edge design of a low profile hob.  The 2-Zone Hob has two square heat zones which can be bridged to form into one for big pots and casseroles. Electric consumption is super-efficient – the induction hobs heat the pot and not the Ceran glass while an integral energy management system ensures that the hob never draws more than 2.5kW. Sturdy removable sea rails ensure there are no spills at sea. At 45 cm wide the hob is a perfect size for a compact galley yet providing a touch of luxury. The hob is also available without the sea rails (model HE104) for a more minimalist look on inland waterways.

The third new innovation to emerge from GN Espace is the 45cm wide Levante 2 Electric Cooker with multifunction electric oven. Again boasting all the electrical efficiency that characterises the GN Espace electric cooker range the Levante sports a high quality stainless steel finish and is compact while offering a host of features including two induction hobs and Dual Zone bridging functions. The oven, with two anti-tip shelves, has standard and hot air grill as well as hot air and defrost settings.

Watch our video as the brand new Levante 2 roasts a chicken in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Watch a litre of water boil in 2 minutes 45 seconds on the brand new Levante 2 cooker.

“Our product development focuses on providing energy efficiency for yachts that are increasingly turning to electric power,” comments GN Espace Managing Director Ralph Olingschlaeger.  “We are looking forward to having the opportunity to introduce the new range to boat owners and builders at Southampton.”

Current models such as the popular OceanChef3 (pictured) will also be on display, along with our evergreen gas cookers.

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