Dear Diary,

I went to a boat show with Mummy and Daddy today. I was so excited, Daddy showed me a picture of a real pirate ship that would be there! It has two masts and is over 100 years old.

The drive in the car wasn’t too long. Mummy had already bought our tickets, so we only had to show her phone when we arrived. The lady at the entrance also gave me a treasure hunt map for the show – I love solving puzzles!

The first clue was by the big pool close to the entrance. Daddy and I tried paddleboarding in the pool which was really fun. I had to wear a life vest, but I didn’t fall in. We then saw a lot of smaller and really nice, old boats. I got a squeaky toy and sweets from the stands, while Mummy and Daddy talked to the people.

We were all getting hungry and went to a field with lots of different foods – it smelled so good; I could have eaten everything! Having found my next clue there, we went on to the restaurant, because Mummy and Daddy wanted to sit down while we eat. The food there was really nice too and we got a table where we could see the whole marina – there were so many boats! At the stage in front of us, a man was flying over the water and made loops like Superman. I wanted to try it, but Daddy said I needed to be an adult and practice a lot.

After lunch, it was finally time for a pirate story. We went onto the Morgenster and a man dressed as a pirate told us how to steer the ship. Mummy even took a picture with me at the wheel! Then, we joined the other children for story time. The lady pirate read an adventure book where the children had to find a treasure just like we had to solve our puzzle. Daddy surprised me – we were actually sailing on the ship! It was amazing! We had to wear a life vest again and I got to hold one of the ropes.

When we got back, we found Mummy and looked at the boats moored at the marina. We got to go on some of them – one had a huge sofa and TV on board! As a treat, I had a waffle while Mummy & Daddy had their coffees and we hunted together for the remaining clues. I was very excited when I solved the treasure hunt.

Back in the car, I was very tired, I can’t remember driving home. It was such a lovely day and Daddy promised that we would go again next year.