New Furlex Electric – the must have upgrade for 2018

Sailing at the touch of a button!

Furlex has been making headsail handling easier for decades and in 2018 life on board is about to get even easier.

Seldén Mast is launching the most recent addition to their iconic Furlex product range – the next generation of the Furlex Electric. It will take headsail furling to a whole new level.

The new Furlex 204E and 304E, designed for yachts in the 30’-45’ range, feature a durable composite outer shell and a highly efficient 48V electric motor.

The Seldén power supply unit converts the boat’s 12V or 24V to 48V which allows for streamlined cables to the motor unit, easy installation and a compact design.

Power is transmitted to a self-locking worm gear to rotate the luff extrusion at torques of 60Nm and 90Nm for the 204E and 304E respectively. These high torque levels mean that you will always be able to furl your headsail – even when weather conditions are unfavourable.

The push-button function of the Furlex Electric makes pulling on a furling line a thing of the past. An attractive, labour saving addition to any foredeck.

The Furlex Electric is available as a new system or as an upgrade kit which can be retrofitted to an existing Furlex 200S, 300S, 204S or 304S model.

Furlex Electric: For a truly fantastic sailing experience at the touch of a button!

To find out more come and visit Seldén Mast at the Southampton Boat Show on Stand J213