Eberspächer will be displaying the new Airtronic 2 heater at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show.  This latest generation heater has many new benefits including longer service life thanks to a brushless motor, quiet heating and optimized burner operation.

The second generation of the Airtronic family of air heaters from Eberspaecher offers the compact Airtronic 2 D2L and the Airtronic 2 D4L for the marine market. Suitable for heating boats from 23 to 45 feet, the NEW Airtronic heaters offer many boaters an excellent opportunity to purchase the most up to date heater on the market.

The diesel fuel operated Airtronic 2 has a brushless motor, meaning it offers a longer life of more than 5,000 hours. That makes the second-generation Airtronic a highly reliable heating system for a wide range of marine applications.

The Airtronic ensures a pleasant, relaxing ambiance, warming the boat’s interior to just the right levels of comfort and has now been made even quieter with its infinitely variable heat output. The new metering pump has also been noise-optimized so that the “ticking” when pumping fuel is a thing of the past. The air heater’s quiet running ensures a better, more peaceful sleep.

The heater will be launched with the latest user-friendly control, known as the EasyStart Pro.

The EasyStart Pro makes controlling the heater simple, convenient and intuitive to control. Using the timer function, the desired start time and heating duration can be pre-set. The integrated temperature sensor enables the temperature to be regulated exactly as desired. The display and a multi-coloured LED ring around the operating button continuously indicates whether heating or ventilation mode is currently active. Eberspaecher pre-heaters can also be controlled using EasyStart Web so switching on your heater from your mobile device adds flexibility and allows you to pre-heat your boat prior to arrival.