New Paguro Generators on Show

Advance Yacht Systems will be launching the all-new Paguro 4 MY and 5.5 SY diesel generators at Southampton Boat Show.  The 4 MY is an ultra-compact high output generator made possible by marrying the proven Yanmar L70N engine used on the Paguro 4 SY with permanent magnet generator technology.  The result is the smallest, lightest and most powerful diesel generator in its class.  This generator fills the gap in the market for a small, powerful, yet reasonably priced machine; perfect for installation in yachts where the generator space has been compressed over the years, but electrical loads have grown.  With a different focus to the 4 MY, the 5.5 SY is pitched at providing a competitively priced generator with a high-power output.  Similar in size and using the same ‘synchronous’ alternator as the Paguro 6000, the 5.5 SY uses the smaller and lighter Yanmar L100N engine.  This combination results in a similar power output to the 6000 at a lower price in a smaller and lighter package.

“We are really pleased to be the first to exhibit the new 4 MY; it’s going to be a real showstopper as it has pushed the boundaries of small and powerful.  The 5.5 SY is a great solution for customers who need a bit more power but want to keep budget and weight under control – it will be the biggest unit in our family of quiet running Yanmar powered generators” says Advance Yacht MD Rod Boreham.

Ocean Hall – Stand J333

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