Anchoright Anchor Chain Markers Southampton Boat Show Debut

Anchoright, a UK-based company that sells patent-pending, durable, and environmentally friendly anchor chain markers, is pleased to announce the debut of its new Anchor Chain Marking solution at the Southampton Boat Show.

The Chain Markers and useful guide will be on display at the Jimmy Green Marine Stand J209 in Ocean Hall.

The Anchoright Anchor Chain Markers are an innovative, improved concept that is more robust and secure than traditional markers.

They are designed not to pop out from the links once fitted, making them ideal for use in a variety of conditions, including passing through a windlass, dragging on the seabed floor, or piling up in the anchor locker.

The markers are easy to fit using only a screwdriver. Simply press the two halves together and secure them with the marine steel or brass screw provided. They are made of highly durable and water-resistant plastic, ensuring a longer life within the chain.

The Anchoright Anchor Chain Markers are available in up to 15 colours, so you can mark every point with a different colour without any repeats. They are also maintenance-free, so you can just fit and forget.

“We are excited to debut our new Anchor Chain Marking sets at the Southampton Boat Show with Jimmy Green Marine,” said Anchoright Managing Director Quinton Watts. “These markers are the result of considerable research and development, and we believe they are the best anchor chain markers on the market. We are confident that boaters will appreciate their durability, security, and environmental friendliness.”

The Anchoright Anchor Chain Markers will be on display at the Southampton Boat Show with Jimmy Green Marine on stand J209. To learn more about the markers, visit the Jimmy Green Marine website.