Experience Volvo Penta Assisted Docking at SIBS

Volvo Penta’s innovative Assisted Docking system combines automation with control. It’s docking made easy for seasoned boaters and beginners alike. With the joystick, you control the boat’s path and speed, while the system compensates for elements such as wind and tide. Push the joystick forward and the system lays out a straight path that the boat follows. At any time, you can release the joystick and your boat will hold on a fixed position.

For a whole new level of control, Assisted Docking is now available as a retrofittable feature. Yachts powered by Volvo Penta IPS from 2012 and onwards are eligible.

To learn more and experience Assisted Docking, book a demonstration and come onboard a Pearl 62 which has recently had it retrofitted, or try it yourself with the Assisted Docking simulator on stand E049.