Frigomar Self-Contained Air Conditioning & Chiller Units

Advance Yacht Systems will be displaying Frigomar’s self-contained air conditioning units and chiller units at this year’s Southampton Boat Show on Stand J333 in Ocean Hall.

A representative from Frigomar will be on the stand from the 18th until the 20th September and technical staff from Advance Yacht Systems will be on the stand throughout the show.

Frigomar self-contained units have a 50% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional units. They offer low current consumption, no peak start load and the highest comfort with silent operation.

Live Demo

Advance Yacht Systems will have a live demo of a Frigomar SCU07VFD self-contained unit and CU50VFD chiller unit. Visitors are welcome to come to Stand J333 in Ocean Hall at anytime throughout the show to view the demo and ask any questions.

24V/48V DC Units

Frigomar have just launched their range of 24V and 48V DC powered self-contained air conditioning units.

The new DC powered range benefits from the same low current consumption seen on the range of AC powered units. The 12,000 BTU only consumes 32A (24V) at max power and reduces to 10A while in eco-mode meaning running you air-con all night straight from the batteries is now possible.

Stop by Stand J333 in Ocean Hall for more information.

About Frigomar:

Frigomar are the market leaders in the development and manufacture of inverter drive technology in marine air conditioning. Their BLDC variable frequency drive technology is unique in being “sensor less”.  This innovation has enabled Frigomar to develop the most energy efficient (A-rated) marine air conditioning system, with the most comprehensive system management available on the market today.