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Finding out the price of your boat is easier than ever with only two clicks on Youboat.com

Buying or selling a boat can be tricky business, particularly for pre-owned boats whose prices are constantly changing. It isn’t quite an apple-to-apple comparison, but the Youboat Value tool available on Youboat.com enables you to set a starting price.

Youboat.com makes it quick and easy to get a verified price for your motor and sailboat, RIB or outboard motor. Youboat Value is an estimation tool for determining the value of your boat.

Youboat includes the Youboat Value (Argus Marine) service, a reference guide containing over 50,000 quotations for motorboats, sailboats, RIBs, jet skis and outboard motors. Youboat Value (Argus Marine) works like any car valuation tool but is tailored for boats.

By entering the manufacturer and model of your boat or motor, you can obtain the price according to its market age. The site also describes the minimum and maximum price ranges per year since the manufacturing date of the boat or motor and their consecutive productions, as well as the type of motor used for all new or used power or sailboats, if recommended.

Even boats over ten years old have a specific quotation to determine their maximum and minimum price range.

Access to Youboat Value is free! You will not have to pay any extra fees or spend time researching.

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About Youboat:

Founded by Motors Gate, a French digital and press communication and marketing agency for professionals and individuals, Youboat is a listing website that provides an offer of more than 40,000 new and pre-owned powerboats, sailboats, RIBs, jet-skis, and outboard engines as well as accessories and moorings. All of them ready-to-buy and set sail today. Find the boat of your dreams on Youboat.com.