Third generation SUNBEAMsystem Smart Lithium Plug & Play batteries now available in UK & Ireland

A new standard of long life, extra capacity and high efficiency

Swedish power solutions company SUNBEAMsystem has launched the third generation of its Plug & Play Smart Lithium battery series, which delivers even higher capacity density and performance. The new Plug & Play ONE battery features 108Ah for a 12V system, an increase of 8% in the same casing with the same weight and the equivalent output of a 216Ah lead-acid battery. Together with its long life, high capacity and high efficiency, this is one of a kind and the premier choice for anyone in need of just a single battery.

Safety first
The 3rd generation lithium batteries have four layers of built-in security to ensure the highest level of safety to be found in any lithium battery.

Firstly, the chemistry of the batteries prevents any oxygen from being created in the event of a fire. Secondly, the batteries have built-in failsafe valves that only activate to make them inert if the battery come into contact with fire. Thirdly, the 24/7 software-based monitoring and prevention system prevents short circuits, overvoltage issues, temperature changes and other misuses of the battery. And lastly, in the highly unlikely event that a battery continues to be compromised, mechanical measures will render it inert.

The electronic control system also features a comprehensive range of automatic remedies to ensure the batteries are always fully optimised. Upgrading from old-style batteries is simple. In 99% of cases it is simply a matter of replacing the traditional lead-acid batteries with the SUNBEAM Plug & Play batteries. The advanced electronics does the rest and are kept up to date via the free, SUNBEAMsystem Multi Connect app at no extra cost.

The Plug & Play series uses advanced bolted cylindrical cells which means no tabs and no welding or soldering that could cause resistance or might even come loose. The bolting ensures heavy-duty usage without affecting the life expectancy or limiting the battery.

SUNBEAMsystem has also upgraded its Smart Lithium DRIVE small-sized batteries for tenders and other small boats. The 12V and 24V trolling batteries have been upgraded to 1400Wh, again an 8% increase in the same casing at the same weight.

A new, top-of-the line Smart Lithium DRIVE yacht propulsion 10kWh battery with cylindrical cells and advanced active balancing for larger, electrically-powered boats, is also now available.

For more information or to find your local retailer, contact UK distributor GDS Limited on 0330 1333 030 or via [email protected], or go to https://gds.limited/sunbeamsystem-batteries