Why Choose a Cobra RIB vs Alternative RIB Manufacturers

Cobra RIBs has remained an independent family run business since 1988 when it was first founded. Over the years, Cobra has paid particular attention to the development of the design process, build quality, craftsmanship and customer experience, all contributing to making us one of the UK’s leading RIB manufacturers to date. But what makes us stand out from the rest?


Unlike other RIB manufacturers of a similar build quality, we have developed, improved, and perfected our hull design to have a market leading deadrise with our generation ‘V’ hull shape. Our wave piercing high bow means that the boat will slice through the water rather than chop through it and this also makes for much easier and controlled corner gripping compared to competitors. The tube position on the hull is also optimised to improve spray deflection, resulting in a dryer and more comfortable ride.


Our handcrafted build process is something that we pride ourselves on, and we strongly believe that the exceptional quality of our RIBs is due to our skilled team of craftsmen, hand finishing every single one of our magnificent boats, onsite from our HQ in Dorset. From design to GRP to production and service, we are all under one roof and are truly British built unlike some of our competitors which import their hulls.

To ensure that our build standards are met and that we are totally satisfied with any one project before handover, we have a 5 stage quality assurance step process in place to make sure that the finished product cannot be sea trialled or handed over to the customer without passing each assurance step. We take pride in our RIBs and we only part with the best.


Exceptional customer service is remembered long after the price is forgotten. This is why at Cobra RIBs we take customer journeys very seriously. Unique to Cobra, we opened a customer experience suite at the end of 2022 whereby new customers are invited to attend our HQ for a lunch, have a tour of our GRP and Production workshops and work with the sales and design team to spec their dream RIB. Regular photo updates or scheduled visits are put in place to keep the customer up to speed with the developmental stages so that they can be involved in the build process as much as possible. Upon completion of the boat, a full handover is carried out by our sales team, and should it be required transportation in the UK or to the EU can be arranged.

To continue our relationships with our Cobra customers, we organise owner’s days every year for like-minded Cobra owners to enjoy a fantastic day of boating in the beautiful surrounding waters of the south coast and to attend a gourmet lunch.


We don’t just build boats, we create memories. All of our RIBs have been designed with consideration to performance, comfort, and practicality so that our RIBs are suitable for families, social occasions with friends, Watersports activities, leisure boating and more.

Whether you require ample storage, assistance in getting on and off the boat, a place to sunbathe or a non-slip surface for you to place your mobile or sunglasses, these are just a few examples of how Cobra have designed and built with our customers in mind and paid consideration to varied lifestyles and optimising ease for our customers.


Here at Cobra RIBs, we want to make ownership experiences as enjoyable and easy as possible. Buying a highly powered, and complex piece of engineering can be very daunting, particularly if you have never owned a boat before. For that reason, we have our highly skilled and professional Cobra Marine Services team on hand to assist with all your aftercare needs and to be at your beck and call with any queries.

We can help with as much or as little as you require. Whether it be collection and delivery, professional valeting, engine servicing, winter preparation, storage, or refurbishments just to name a few. If we can assist in any way, we will do.

We take a great deal of pride in the RIBs that we design and create and therefore believe that we should provide an aftercare service to help maintain and prolong your Cobra so that you can have years of excellent performance and unforgettable boating. This is a unique service that hardly any competitors provide, and customers return again and again for this very reason.


Cobra takes delight in having some of the best residual values in the used market due to our bespoke, made to order manufacturing. Ownership costs over a five year period work out significantly less, as our boats don’t depreciate at a rate hit by other mass produced brands. Cobra RIBs are therefore not just a spectacular boat but also a worthwhile investment.