Ocean Arts will be launching their brand new product, Marine Shield Light Weight UV strip paint at this years Show


Our product contains UV inhibitors and light scattering particles which reduce the amount of UV penetration to the surface of the sail.

Welcome to Marine Shield supplied to the industry by Ocean Art

With over 28 years experience in the sailing industry, Ocean Art is renowned for providing show-stopping mainsail and spinnaker branding, which not only gets noticed but also gives you an identity at sea. We are proud to partner with Marine Shield New Zealand to bring a new and alternative UV paint system to the UK marine industry. Ocean Art’s experienced team can assist you through every step of the process.

The new approach to UV strip/banding providing 99% UV Protection

Developed over 12 years ago in New Zealand, Marine Shield, light weight UV paint system, has come to the UK. This new product has been tried and tested in extreme weather conditions, and put through its paces with extensive testing from dinghies and day yachts, to ocean going superyachts backing up it’s claims of 99% UV protection.

Frequently asked questions

What is Marine Shield UV strip banding paint?

Marine Shield UV strip/banding is a modern approach to traditional UV systems. This unique system has been designed to not only protect the sail material, but also the seams and stitching.

Marine Shield paint is made up of absorbers, scatterers and inhibitors which work together to re-direct the sunlight away from the cloth.

With a 2-3 layer application, this provides the material with 99% UV protection with the added benefit of algae and fungi inhibitors, good chafing resistance, high rate of flexibility, stain resistance and sail longevity.

Marine Shield UV strip/banding paint is a trade only product, therefore it must be applied by a trained applicator. To our knowledge, there is no comparable paint anywhere else in the world.

How long does it last on the sail?

Depending on the wear and tear it will have an estimated full UV protection lifespan of 4-5 years in the northern hemisphere and 3-5 years in the southern hemisphere. After this time, the product can be re-applied to a keyed surface with a further 2 layers of Marine Shield.

What is the application process?

Sailmakers and Ocean Art have formulas to calculate the area and costs of the UV strip/banding based on the foot and leech size and sail material. This has been designed to provide you with an instant price structure.

Please contact your local sailmaker for more information, or Ocean Art directly.

  • 99% UV protection with our 3-coat system.
  • Algae and fungi inhibitors to prevent the penetration to fibres and discolouration, substantially reducing mould.
  • Chemical and oil stain resistant.
  • Colour fast – A great choice of core colours but any colour is possible, we can even match to your fabric or pantone for that customised look.
  • Water hydrophobic – Repels water aiding cleanliness and weight efficiency.
  • Good chafing capability.
  • High rate of flexibility.
  • Lightweight approx. 50 – 60 microns thickness

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