Sevenstar Yacht Transport was founded in 1985 to serve the North European market. Acquired by Dutch worldwide shipping company the Spliethoff Group in 2000, it expanded to become a worldwide network with offices in the United States, the UK, Australia and Turkey, and agents in Monaco, Germany, Russia and New Zealand.

Today Sevenstar is the world’s leading provider of yacht transportation services on a lift-on, lift-off basis. We arrange the transport of around 2,000 yachts annually and are expanding in the growing economies of Asia, South America and Africa.

Sevenstar has access to the Spliethoff Group’s own fleet of vessels. Our ships are designed especially for yacht transport and we believe in constantly developing our staff and tools to perfect skills and technologies. Spliethoff has a modern fleet of around 125 vessels from 2,100 to 23,000 tonnes, and is a leading provider in specialised sea transport.

Our global spread of destinations provides access to the world’s premier ports and cruising grounds. Check our sailing schedule: https://www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com/schedules. If none of these scheduled services appeals, we can provide a customised travel itinerary. Contact us to find out more.

Having an in-house operational team and over 120 of our own yacht transporters means that the care of your boat is never outsourced to an unknown contractor so we – and you – have full control of your yacht’s care. To load and secure your yacht we use custom-made cradles and lashing systems to ensure the vessel’s safety during loading, transit and unloading. A skilled Sevenstar loadmaster will be in attendance during the load/offload process.

If we are shipping a sailing yacht that can’t stand on its own keel we supply specially designed cradles to account for this and all sailing craft are transported without removing standing rigging or spars.

Throughout the voyage you will be sent regular updates on the transporter’s progress and, on board, your yacht will be kept locked for the duration of the trip, inspected daily and only ever accessed by authorised personnel. Once the transfer is complete, keys and documentation will be handed over to the owner or a nominated representative – no one else.