CRISTEC have specialised in power conversion since 1983 and with over 100,000 units in use around the world, they are the market leader in modern high-performance switch-mode battery chargers. CRISTEC chargers are fitted as standard equipment to Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria yachts amongst others. They are also used in many military and vehicle applications due to their durability and reliability in tough environments.

CRISTEC chargers feature a 5 – stage charging cycle:

Boost – charges batteries to 80% of full charge

Absorption – slowly completes remaining charge to 100%

Float – maintains battery charge and best condition

Automatic Refresh – prevents sulphation and revitalizes batteries

Reboost – new automatic Boost phase for high battery demand

The optional CRISTEC Touch Display control panel shows you real time data about the battery charger; battery voltage (up to 3 banks), charger current, charger state (Boost, Absorption, Floating), battery room temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted), AC input voltage and frequency. The system will monitor data and automatically trigger an acoustic and visual alarm if critical parameters are out of range. The screen brightness is adjustable with night/day mode.

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