Designed and manufactured by ourselves, the FeatherStream yacht propeller is a simple solution to many problems that can be caused by fixed propellers. When sailing, the propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15% compared to a fixed 3 bladed prop.

Other benefits include;
Less prop walk
Improved close quarter manoeuvring
Greater reverse thrust
Quick lead times year round
Easy annual maintenance (can be maintained in the water).
Simple fitting, no engineer required.
Available in 12-24″ diameters
3, 4 and 5 Blade options available
Shaft Drive & Sail Drive models
Suits shaft diameters up to 50mm (1 3/4″) Available in 12-24″ diameters
Pitch adjustable for fine tuning.
Anodes held in stock.

Product Price
Please speak to a member of the team for our Southampton Boat Show discount.