Exploration – Thanks to the lightweight but strong Hobie i Eclipse you are now able to explore those beautiful hard-to-reach places. Throw your board in the boot of your car and get out and explore, travel long distances whilst keeping fit. The board can be inflated and assembled in minutes.

Fitness – These boards offer a great way of staying fit and exploring waterways at the same time. The movement on board is similar to that of a step machine at the gym and is a good low-impact way of strengthening your core, glutes, and legs. We used this board to travel nearly 20K across Poole Harbour recently and whilst we knew we had done some exercise there was no joint or muscle pain the following day.

Easy – The other joy of the Mirage Eclipse is the relative ease of mastering the boards, beginners are able to travel long distances on their first session out on the water.

Features – The iEclipse features an extra-wide standing platform with EVA standing pads for rock-solid stability in wind, waves, and wake. Its new and improved hull construction reduces weight while increasing durability. High-tech diagonal drop stitch construction allows the iEclipse to inflate to 10PSI, giving you the same rugged rigidity and nimble performance as the original Eclipse, but in an incredibly lightweight package, you can take anywhere. Featuring MirageDrive GT pedal propulsion, every step on the iEclipse powers you forward with ease. Its intuitive, one-handed steering system attaches directly to the handlebar and board with an easy-to-use steering system that can turn on a dime with a simple push or pull of the lever. The two-piece removable handlebar, high-pressure hand pump, and high-volume electric pump are all included inside an easy-load rolling travel bag that’s portable, stowable, and ready for your next adventure.

If you would like to try a Hobie i Eclipse for yourself, get in touch and book yourself a demo on the water on beautiful Poole Harbour.

Why Shore Thing Loves the Hobie Mirage i Eclipse
We love that you can easily stow your i Eclipse in the boot of your car, your campervan garage or your Yacht.
We love that you don’t have to change your clothes before you go out on the Hobie Eclipse.
We love the speed! We can’t believe how quick the board is and how quickly it eats up distance, so if you are planning on touring, try it! We have done 2 ten mile events over the summer of 2017. The Vogalonga in Venice and the Exe Rally for Kayaks.
We love the low impact exercise. You can cover long distances or sprint over short distances and the following day there are no aching muscles.
We love that the Hobie Pedalboard is a great way of spotting wildlife. Approach quietly without splashing about and you can get close to all kinds of wildlife.
We love how easy it is to use these unique foot powered stand up pedalboards. They are more stable than a standard SUP and the addition of the handlebars adds to the stability further. The steering levers which drive a rudder on the back of the board mean that all your energy is transferred into forward motion rather than wasted on maintaining direction.

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