NEW FOR 2022 the iTrek range of inflatable kayaks. The concept behind this new range is to make the inflatable kayaks so easy to transport and assemble that you are able to take your Hobie Mirage kayak to places that the Mirage Drive has never been before. The Hobie iTrek 9 Ultralight is the smallest inflatable in the new range weighing just under 17 kilos. The iTrek 9 Ultralight is very quick to pump up using the pump provided, the construction is 1000 denier PVC so is strong enough to withstand fishing hooks. The construction is 18 threads drop stitch per square inch with some threads being diagonal for additional strength- the iTrek 9 can be inflatabed to 10 psi helping it to maintain its rigidity and performance. The iTrek 9 comes complete with the smooth and durable Mirage Drive GT with kick-up fins so that you don’t need to worry about contact with underwater obstacles. Thanks to the new design of rudder and steering system the kayak turns on a dime and the rudder can be easily put down into the water or lifted up with one quick pull of the line. The new style aluminum anodized seat is raised with a comfortable ‘nano’ mesh seat back which is breathable and allows any splashes to pass through keeping you dry and comfortable all day. The new style chair clips into place firmly and can be installed in seconds. There are carry handles on the front and back of the kayak, as well as one in the middle so that it can be carried like a SUP Board. The board also comes with a Stand-Up Paddle so that you can use it as a SUP if you fancy a change.

Why Shore Thing Loves the iTrek 9 Ultralight
The new i Trek i9 Ultralight allows you to take your kayak to those hard to reach beautiful places and secret fishing spots that are normally difficult to access.
Inflates in minutes using fast pump provided.
Fun replacement for a Yacht Tender/stow in your campervan.
Easily converts to an SUP – SUP paddle supplied.
Drop-stitched hull means no compromise in performance.
Very lightweight and extremely stable.
Very reactive steering

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Hobie Kayaks
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