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Hydra Vulcan Premium Heating Oil Additive

Exhibitor: Hydra International
Price: 200ml @ £16.99
Product type: Miscellaneous

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


  • Contains heavy duty detergents, cleans burner nozzles and injectors.
  •  Removes accumulated soot deposits, solubilises sludge in tanks.
  • By improving combustion reduces oil consumption by up to 10%.
  • Ideal for Aga , Rayburn and Range Master cookers.
  • 200ml Bottle treats 1,000 litres heating oil.

Vapourising burners as found in Aga, Rayburn and Range Master cookers are very sensitive to carbon and soot build-up, it is not unknown for them to soot up every 4-6 weeks. Hydra Heating Oil Additive prevents these deposits from building up, keeping the burners free of soot between services.


Refuelling Dose to Protect Clean Fuel System

Dilution rate: 1:5000 i.e. 200ml bottle treats 500 litres of heating oil. Treat oil tanks every time they are topped up.

For Heavily Contaminated Fuel System
Dilution rate: 1:2500 i.e. 200ml bottle treats 500 litres of fuel.


Most heating boilers are of a pressure jet design which use precise fuel metering through narrow shaped spray channels. Injector deposits mean reduced fuel flow. Whereas 100% clean injectors give optimal fuel spray pattern. Each finely dispersed particle of fuel is surrounded by many molecules of air (20% oxygen) ensuring a more complete burn. Which in turn gives you better fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved boiler durability.


Hydra Heating Oil Additive contains heavy duty detergents prevents the formation of and removes existing deposits from burners and injectors and heat exchangers. In the oil tank safely dissolves years of corrosive sludge back into the fuel where it's burned away. While creating a protective barrier to stop the sludge gunk from coming back!


Using Hydra Heating Oil Additive upgrades standard heating oil to a premium standard for heating oil. The boiler fires easier with reduced soot and fuel consumption. Better combustion means less deposits on burners and heat exchanger.

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