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Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Omniled Pico // 40cm

Exhibitor: Tesup Electronics
Price: £494.31 excluding VAT
Product type: Electronics and Electrical Equipment

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The OMNILED® smart lighting system is based on the award winning wind & solar hybrid electrical power generation concept. 

It is a multifunctional autonomous device designed for street lighting while being a power and location platform for urban monitoring, internet access and mobile telecommunications.

-- Wind Power: 12 Watt peak power - silent

-- Solar Power: 8 Watt high efficient solar cells - 23.5%

-- Emergency Backup: Full overnight autonomy 75 Wh storage

-- Enables 7/24: IP Wifi Security Camera + USB Charging Station

-- Autonomous Applications: 8 Watt full power, 1-2 watt dimmed, programmable dimming

-- No Unitlity Infrasturcture Required: Potential immediate ROI on remote locations

 Omniled Pico Datasheet

 BUY Omniled Pico Storage Uprage to 150Wh

 BUY Omniled Pico Pole Tower 4m

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