The biggest power unit in the Orca Line up, If you’re looking for the winning combination of easy handling and great control, look no further than the Orca 25hp outboard engine electric start. Orca Electric Start means the fun begins with the touch of a button. No pulling on a starter cord with this engine, although it comes with pull cord fitted as standard as backup if your battery is flat. Flat batteries will never be an issue as the Orca electric start kit incorporates a charging system that recharges your battery as the engine is running. Ideal for boats 3.8m and up.

The Orca 25hp outboard engine has versatile twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engines, these 25hp outboard motors combine power and responsiveness to deliver an always-smooth ride. Standout fuel economy also means that they’re kinder to the environment, with exhaust emissions cut to a minimum.

2 Cylinders
25hp @5500 rpm
CDI Ignition
Electric Start
Forward, Neutral & Reverse Gearbox
Throttle Tensioner
Through Hub Exhaust
Oil warning & Temperature Overheat Lights
Automatic Choke
Hose Lock Flush Fitting
Manual Starter Back up
17.5″ (445mm) Short Shaft & 22.5″ Long shaft (571mm) (£2545.00)
supplied with fuel line and 5-gallon fuel tank
3 Year Warranty

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