In the last decades, marine radar and AIS have made boating safer by improving situational awareness and avoiding collisions at sea.
However, radar and AIS have shortcomings:
Radar data often requires experienced users for proper interpretation.
Smaller objects, such as unsignalled craft, buoys, or floating obstacles will typically not be detected, neither by radar, nor by AIS.
Existing tools do not provide sufficient support for MOB situations.
OSCAR Sentry addresses shortfalls of existing safety equipment with a radical new approach, combining latest sensor technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence:
OSCAR Sentry continuously scans the environment with daylight/lowlight and infrared cameras
OSCAR Sentry will automatically detect and recognize objects at sea: Based on the ability to detect temperature differences of 0.09° F, based on the experience of millions of recognized marine objects, and based on more than 300,000 nautical miles traveled at sea, OSCAR Sentry reliably detects and recognizes objects before they become a hazard.
OSCAR Sentry offers intelligent alarming: for collision avoidance and for objects approaching ships at anchor.
OSCAR Sentry can support SAR efforts and MOB maneuvers by detecting, recognizing and tracking a POB in the water.
OSCAR Sentry will help to avoid collisions at sea and will increase safety at anchor.

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