This smart box sits at the heart of your onboard internet system, giving you a sophisticated and integrated network that works effectively and reliably.

Join any combination of WiFi, 4G and satellite to the RedBox and manage access from one central control page.

Small but mighty, the RedBox takes on multiple functions onboard:

✓ WiFi hotspot makes setup easy with laptops, tablets and smartphones
✓ Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android
✓ Iridium, Inmarsat, VSAT, Thuraya
✓ repeat your NMEA and AIS data to your phone, iPad/tablet or laptop
✓ firewall protects your data, saving you time and money
✓ automatic data compression & optimisation of downloads

Future proof your boat now!

The RedBox software is developed in-house and regular firmware updates are available via our website for all RedBox owners, old and new!

As new technologies & devices appear (3G becomes 4G becomes 5G, etc), simply plug them in & get back to your sailing…!

Exhibitor Name
Mail A Sail
Product Price
£349 +VAT