A hi-fi quality stereo wireless music system featuring two identical bookshelf active speakers deploying the latest in True Wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to each other with no connecting cable between left and right speaker. Simply plug into the mains power and switch each unit on. Power on the Left speaker first (this becomes the master) and the Right unit will become the Slave. Within a few seconds they will connect ready for a Bluetooth playback source to be paired to them as a single device.
Featuring our proprietary CLARI-t designed woofer with metal alloy diaphragm capable of delivering amazing low frequency (bass) sound smoothly and with great control. Coupled with the high frequency (treble) tweeter, the stereo soundscape is comparable to systems sold at a much higher price. A pure joy to listen to and as simple as possible to set up. A hi-fi grade system with no extra electronics or cables to clutter the valuable space on your vessel.
Available in durable high-gloss piano black or piano white finish.

Product Price
£399 (£100 OFF Boat Show Special)

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