The New iTrek inflatable range from Hobie

We will be displaying the new range of inflatable kayaks from Hobie at the Southampton Boat Show.

After 15 years of making a great range of Hobie Inflatable kayaks, Hobie have decided to tweak their inflatable range to make them lighter, more agile, more flexible, more durable and easier to transport.  The I Trek range has an inflatable kayak for every type of kayaking featuring single, double and even quadruple kayaks.

 The inflatables are super light and super strong!!

The whole range is constructed from 1000 denier PVC and the smallest of the kayaks, the 9 foot ultralight weighs in at just 10 kilos.

So confident are Hobie in the durability of their inflatable range that these inflatable kayaks are sold as the ideal fishing platform and are able to withstand fishhooks.

The construction is 18 threads drop stitch per square inch with some threads being diagonal for additional strength the Trek range can be inflated to 10 psi helping it to maintain its rigidity and performance.

The iTrek range are powered by the smooth and efficient GT Mirage Drive with kick up fins so you can skim into the shallowest of areas without having to worry about the drive.  As usual, the simple but elegant design of the Mirage Drive means that you have far more power at your disposal than a standard paddle driven kayak and it is not unusual for Hobie Kayakers to stay out all day and cover many, many miles.

Thanks to the new design of rudder and steering system the kayaks all turn on a dime and the rudder can be easily put down into the water or lifted up with one quick pull of the line.  The new style aluminium anodised seats are raised with a comfortable ‘nano’ mesh seat back which is breathable and allows any splashes to pass through keeping you dry and comfortable all day.  The new style chair clips into place firmly and can be installed in seconds.  There are carry handles on the front and back of the kayak, as well as one in the middle so that it can be carried like a SUP Board. The Hobie I Trek 9 and the Fiesta also come with a Stand-Up Paddle so that you can use it as a SUP if you fancy a change.

All of the kayaks pack down into a sturdy wheeled bag with handle meaning they can easily be stored in the boot of a car or aboard a Yacht.


The Hobie Mirage I Trek 9 ‘ Ultralight – Weighs in at only 10 kilos, the perfect kayak to take to those hard to reach places.  Kayak and SUP your way to the places you have never been before.

The Hobie Mirage I Trek 11 – Weighs just 13 kilos, lots of space on board to store extra kit and fishing accessories.  Really stable platform.

The Hobie Mirage I Trek 14 Duo – A two person, safe, fast and stable kayak that weighs just 20 kilos including seats, drives and paddles.

Hobie Mirage Fiesta – What do you call 4 people on a kayak?  ‘a Hobie Fiesta!’  Take the whole family out for a picnic or a tour.  The Fiesta has unrivalled stability, speed and agility for a 4 person kayak and it weighs in at just 35 kilos.

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