Come and explore Kaskelot’s historic decks at Southampton Boat Show 2018. Kaskelot, with its knowledgeable crew and state-of-art restoration, will offer a treasure trove of stories and adventure for all visitors to explore as they step onboard this three-masted barque.

We welcome back Kaskelot, one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission, measuring 46.6m. She was built in Denmark in 1948 by the renowned J Ring Andersen Shipyard. She was commissioned by the Royal Greenland Trading Company and used to supply remote areas of Greenland until the 1960’s. After this, she became a fisheries support vessel in the Faroe Islands. However, in 1981 her fortunes were changed. Completely re-rigged, she was set for a new career as a sail training vessel, as well as the occasional movie star. Her appearances include the Return to Treasure Island (1986), The Three Musketeer (1993), Amazing Grace (2006) Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Poldark (2016).

Kaskelot’s presence for all 10 days of the Show, offers a rare opportunity for visitors to climb onboard and learn about the history of one of the last classic wooden tall ships still in existence, all for free!