Try something new, test exhibitor products and simply have some fun when you get yourself out on the water for FREE at Southampton International Boat Show. 

Get Afloat is located in our On the Water Zone and is your go to for a try at dinghy sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and bellboatingExperienced instructors from the Rockley Watersports team are on hand to make sure everything is perfectly safe, to give first timers a hand or to sharpen up existing watersports skills for more experienced visitors.  

Anyone aged eight and upward can try out the following in a 1-hour session on the water. Rockley Watersports will provide all equipment including wetsuit, buoyancy aid and instruction. 

  • Inflatable dinghies 
  • Kayaks and canoes 
  • Paddle boards (SUPs) 
  • Wide choice of dinghies 

Just bring a towel and lots of enthusiasm! 

For the safety of our visitors, Try-a-Boat and Get Afloatfeatures require pre-bookingwhile you’re at the show. The booking areais super easy tofind between the Watersports and Dinghy Zones.