Boatworld UK was established in 1969 and is one of the industry leaders in the Boating, Outboards & Watersports sector.

Amongst our products. We stock a wide range of small inflatable boats, larger sports boats and outboard engines. As well as all the latest water sports gear. All complemented by a vast array of accessories to go with them!

We are staffed by a small, friendly, dedicated team, that knows what’s going on in the industry and marketplace. We pride ourselves in being able to advise and help with any of your requirements.

Featured Boats

Compass 135cc

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Boatworld Carbon Pro

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Boatworld 295 Kayak

Boatworld Round Tail

Boatworld 330SL

Boatworld Air Deck 320

Boatworld 250 Air V

Boatworld 330 Air V

Boatworld 330 Pro

Boatworld 250 SLD

Boatworld 380 Air V

Boatworld 270 Air V

Featured Products

Orca 2.5hp Outboard

Orca 6hp Outboard

Orca 8hp Outboard

Orca 9.9hp Outboard

Orca 12hp Outboard

Orca 15hp Outboard

Orca 20hp Outboard

Orca 25hp Outboard

Boatworld Charger Inflatable Sup

ZUP YouGotThis 2.0 Board

Boatworld Carve Kneeboard

Boatworld Vortex

Boatworld Super Skimmer